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“My Marketing Person”

Tracy Diziere specializes in providing clarity, direction, and focus around marketing efforts. In July 2007, she founded Tracy Diziere & Associates (TDA), to help small- to medium-sized businesses with their strategic marketing and public relations initiatives and created the service mark My Marketing Person, which has evolved to become the marketing execution arm of the business.  With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and Creative Writing, Tracy leverages her attention to detail, writing skills, and innovative thinking to help clients succeed in their marketing execution efforts.  In her 15-year career prior to founding TDA, Tracy held various marketing, sales support, program coordination, and public relations positions for large entities (such as Arthur Andersen, Arizona State University, and Thomson Learning) and small private companies, including three software/SAAS development firms. As Chief of Getting It Done, Tracy assembles a team of motivated, professional associates with complementary skills to execute on client-facing and internal marketing needs for marketing savvy consultants, agencies, and in-house marketers at all levels and to serve as a viable outsourced solution.

Need proof? Here’s what others say:

“Tracy is a true go-getter in every sense of the word. She was able to jump into a marketing communications position supporting an unfamiliar product and have an immediate and positive impact . . . Tracy’s tireless work ethic, attention to detail, and the good judgment to know when to focus tactically vs. strategically will make her a tremendous asset to any organization.” –Product Marketing Manager

“Tracy initially knocked our socks off with her proactive approach to our interview and continued in that same vein throughout our working together. She is able to work without hand holding and produce items that are timely, relevant, useful, and adaptable.”   –Sr. Product Manager

“Tracy has exceptional communication skills and consistently adds value in her personal internal/external communications as well as company internal/external communications.”  –VP of Product Development

“Your rapid response evidences why practice personnel value you so much; your accessibility, quick turnaround and attention to service are a model for others.  I really appreciate your efforts and wanted to let you know.  Thanks so much.” ‑‑VP of Human Resources

“Thanks for all of your help.  It has helped us move forward several steps. The  . . . sell sheets were amazing and got us moving in the direction that we needed.” –Co-Owner of a Start-up Platform Development Company

“I have to say that I’m really thankful for the help on this.  It was within our budget and the results were nothing less than spectacular, especially considering that you did this on such short notice and not having any exposure to the industry.” –Co-Owner of a Start-up Platform Development Company

“Your success in working with (us) to be recognized as one of the fastest growing firms in Arizona brought credibility and success to the firm. We thank you for your commitment, time, and diligence . . . and congratulate you on a job well done.”  –President, Environmental Software Company

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