Someone Has to Be the CMO

Tweet Many small businesses or even mid-to-large-sized businesses with geographic dispersion have marketing people in-house or at least marketing-minded employees, whether at the top or within the company’s ranks.  But oftentimes, there’s not a dedicated, experienced resource at the C-level.  The lack of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or equivalent leadership role often results in a […]

Friday Fun: Job Description Mad Libs(R)

Tweet Sometimes I’m really surprised by how a company’s job description can totally alienate or ignore its audience, be redundant, contain silly mistakes/typos/punctuation mistakes, and ultimately sound ridiculous.  So I thought it would be fun to TRY to make an existing job description even more ridiculous by turning it into that famously fun game of […]

Maritz: Employee Sat, Trust Critically Low

Tweet An article today in Incentive magazine covers poll results from market researcher Maritz regarding “record lows” for employee satisfaction and trust of management and coworkers based on a national sample of 2,004 full-time employees. Selected Findings 11 percent of respondents strongly agree that their managers show consistency between their words and actions 7 percent strongly agree […]