Applying Use Case Thinking to Marketing

Tweet Matt Terski has an excellent post with some sound advice for tech folks and/or product marketers tasked with writing use cases.  He identifies the key problem as follows: Here’s a common scenario for many of us who have learned about uses cases but haven’t written one yet: You’ve identified the actors for your project. You’ve […]

Honey I Shrunk the Data!

Tweet So I am really showing my age with this post title, but the point made at yesterday’s Marketing Technology Summit (#MarketingTechAZ on Twitter) was that “Big data needs to be made small.”  And that’s all fine and good for the companies attending and presenting, most of which are 50+ employees.  But what about the […]

StartUp Connect Summary, Part 2

Tweet (This is a continuation from Part 1.) I only attended the Saas/e-commerce breakouts since tech marketing is more my thing.  Here are my rough and random notes, with commentary. Brad Jannenga of WebPT and Bob La Loggia of Appointment-Plus had an amusing session addressing life as an entrepreneur.  No slide deck, just a background […]

StartUp Connect AZ Summary, Part 1

Tweet Yesterday’s first StartupConnect AZ conference brought together Arizona experts and entrepreneurs alike to talk about our city and state ecosystem with respect to STEM; provide insight from experts in investing and VC, education, incubation and co-working; and address topics such as Women in Entrepreneurship and models of success like London’s Tech City. Instead of a long […]

How to Improve Your Small Business Website

Tweet Most micro and small businesses started a company website at launch in order to establish a brand identity, build credibility with potential buyers, cross temporal communication barriers, create another opportunity for lead generation or customer education, or even conduct online sales. However, as the company has grown and more information has been added, the […]