StartUp Connect AZ Summary, Part 1

Tweet Yesterday’s first StartupConnect AZ conference brought together Arizona experts and entrepreneurs alike to talk about our city and state ecosystem with respect to STEM; provide insight from experts in investing and VC, education, incubation and co-working; and address topics such as Women in Entrepreneurship and models of success like London’s Tech City. Instead of a long […]

Kudos for Phoenix Creatives

Tweet I am loving this new list of Phoenix’s top 100 Creatives by the bloggers at Jackalope Ranch, the space dubbed as The New Times’ “artsy sibling.”  One of my fav Valley artists, Mary Shindell, just made the list so I’m even more excited to share the news.  It’s also a great way to discover the talent we […]

Between the Ivory Tower and ROFLCon II

Tweet It’s been over a week since ROFLCon II and while I wasn’t there, I have a favorite panel based on the agenda and transcripts.  It’s called  “i can haz dream?”  and it seeks to address the important issue of race on the internet. The topic is introduced as follows: The internet is often painted as […]

Personality in Business

Tweet I love Kelleye Crane’s interview “Salty and Successful” with Jeremy Pepper, long-time blogger, PR expert, and current director of communications and social media for Palisade Systems.  Crane asks important questions that, for me, point to concerns about personality and identity in business. Namely, “do you attract clients and employers who accept and embrace the real you?” Pepper […]