Applying Use Case Thinking to Marketing

Tweet Matt Terski has an excellent post with some sound advice for tech folks and/or product marketers tasked with writing use cases.  He identifies the key problem as follows: Here’s a common scenario for many of us who have learned about uses cases but haven’t written one yet: You’ve identified the actors for your project. You’ve […]

Honey I Shrunk the Data!

Tweet So I am really showing my age with this post title, but the point made at yesterday’s Marketing Technology Summit (#MarketingTechAZ on Twitter) was that “Big data needs to be made small.”  And that’s all fine and good for the companies attending and presenting, most of which are 50+ employees.  But what about the […]

How to Create Content Out of Thin Air

Tweet Have you been bombarded with “Content Is King” and similar messages (especially over the last two years) but left wondering how you are going to create content out of thin air?  If you have asked, “Where do I begin?,” this article is for you.  Here are four potential drivers for your content marketing and […]

The Alternative to Firing Your Clients: Better Screening

Tweet In my earlier post Firing Customers: Why and How,  I referenced Collapse of Distinction: Stand Out and Move Up While Your Competition Fails. This is a book by Scott McKain and although I haven’t read it yet, he has published an informative article on Why You Should Fire (Some of) Your Customers.  Herein, he recommends who […]

Q2 2014 Challenge

Tweet Small business owners, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and marketers alike need inspiration sometimes when it comes to growing their companies.  One growth strategy is product line extension, with the understanding that “product” can be broadly defined. Your challenge for the coming quarter is to consider how you might expand and extend what you are doing in […]