Applying Use Case Thinking to Marketing

Matt Terski has an excellent post with some sound advice for tech folks and/or product marketers tasked with writing use cases.  He identifies the key problem as follows:

Here’s a common scenario for many of us who have learned about uses cases but haven’t written one yet: You’ve identified the actors for your project. You’ve brainstormed a list of goals for each actor. You’re ready to create your first set of use cases. And you feel stuck. Or at least uncertain. Call it use case writer’s block. You could point to a use case if you saw one, but what are your use cases? [Read more . . .]

I originally found this post when I was responsible for developing user stories for a SaaS product as an in-house marketer.  But now, as an independent marketing consultant, I’m interested in applying the type of systematic thinking Terski recommends to both development and marketing functions.  So, use cases aside, if you equate “actors” with “target markets” or “audience,” you can generate some pretty interesting insights about your products or service–and how you can adapt your business processes and tools to meet the needs of these “actors,” your prospects.  The same strategy can be used to develop content across media.

Have you tried asking (in use-case fashion) what goals your prospects have, what business events they are responding to, and how YOU can add value to their journey?  That’s a great starting place for developing customer experience as well as content marketing plans.



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