How to Create Content Out of Thin Air

Have you been bombarded with “Content Is King” and similar messages (especially over the last two years) but left wondering how you are going to create content out of thin air?  If you have asked, “Where do I begin?,” this article is for you.  Here are four potential drivers for your content marketing and content development efforts.


Looking at data you already have–or planning a targeted market research effort to collect new data–will allow you to create expert-level content and provide valuable (aka sharable and interaction-worthy) information to your ideal clients.

Prospect Types

Are you focused on a particular business model, channel, buyer persona, or industry?  You can develop specialized content using the most appropriate media for distribution for each type of prospect.  Like all content development efforts, this can take planning and prioritization, but having the content to back up value propositions for (and create connections with) each prospect type can assist in lead and demand generation.

Prospect Stages

Your prospects need different information at each stage of the sales cycle.  By carefully considering where they are and what questions and needs they have, you can design content to attract prospects, qualify them, build trust and credibility, nurture them, and drive a buying decision.


You may have heard talk about brand stories, storytelling, branded content, and so on maybe you haven’t invested in developing your brand. With an established brand, content development as well as sharing becomes easier, as your criteria for content is specifically derived from what your company’s “owned emotion” is.

While branding (or re-branding) efforts do so much more for companies than merely providing a content touchstone, a solid, accurate brand promise in place can also drive everything from new terminology to content tone to creative and media decisions.


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