New Client Website Is Live

Steve Speak Coaching and Consulting website

Tweet Pleased to announce that the website for Steve Speak Coaching and Consulting is now live!

Can You Help Market My Small Business?

Tweet Oftentimes, I get the specific request to help market (i.e., “promote”) a product or service from a small business or microbusiness owner.  The assumption is that the barrier to sales is market awareness, understanding, or knowledge and that “marketing”—marketing communications or promotion of the product or service alone—will solve the problem.  But I don’t […]

BPM Research, Small Business, and a Forrester Survey

Tweet Although my clients typically aren’t banging the door down for process change and oftentimes are focused on more tactical marketing projects, I’m always trying to (re-)focus on the business of doing business.  This means building repeatable processes and tools to support them to lessen the workload and prevent waste.  I suspect that many small business […]