File Under Feisty: The Zig-Zag Business Owner

Tweet We’ve all seen the zig-zag small business owner in motion.  It’s like watching a drunk driver pass you on the road at night.  They weave all over and have no sense of what they’re doing.  It’s scary and you can’t make them stop immediately.  Even if you could, they probably wouldn’t listen, be able […]

July Office Hours, Scottsdale

Tweet You’re invited to another office hours . . . this time in Scottsdale!  I’ll be at the old Thomson NETg stomping grounds (well, ONE of them anyway), Jolta Java, on Wed. 7/28 from 3:30-5:30.   To learn more about office hours, check out the blog post on time management. As always, the agenda is open. Bring your […]

July Office Hours, East

Tweet I’m hosting another office hours this month, this time in Mesa for the East Valley folks.  I’ve never been but will be camped out at Into the Bean ( on Wed., July 21 from 3:30-5:30. The purpose is to connect with and network with small and microbusiness professionals in a casual environment, uncover synergies, and […]

Friday Fun: Job Description Mad Libs(R)

Tweet Sometimes I’m really surprised by how a company’s job description can totally alienate or ignore its audience, be redundant, contain silly mistakes/typos/punctuation mistakes, and ultimately sound ridiculous.  So I thought it would be fun to TRY to make an existing job description even more ridiculous by turning it into that famously fun game of […]