What To Do With a Full Plate

Tweet Ron Ashkenas has a brillant post “Do You Have Too Much on Your Plate?” from Harvard Business Review yesterday in which he advises larger organizations on how to streamline and manage projects.  His first point, “Review the workload across strategic priorities,” has more meaning for companies who have multiple management levels, a departmental structure, and a strategic […]

Quote of the Day: DIY

Tweet “Focus on what you do best and pay someone to do the rest.” I’m on my soapbox today about doing it yourself, or DIY.  Lately, I’ve seen too many small business owners trying to do it all and once they’ve wasted too much time and money on non-essential tasks, they contact me for help.  Not […]

Biltmore Area Dining Suggestions

Tweet My dad called recently to let me know that one of his golfing buddies was coming out to Phoenix for business (Biltmore area) and ask me to put together a list of restaurant suggestions.  I was happy to do it because I love dining out and sharing my experiences.  I thought I’d post my recommendations for others  who might […]

Between the Ivory Tower and ROFLCon II

Tweet It’s been over a week since ROFLCon II and while I wasn’t there, I have a favorite panel based on the agenda and transcripts.  It’s called  “i can haz dream?”  and it seeks to address the important issue of race on the internet. The topic is introduced as follows: The internet is often painted as […]

Lead Sources

Tweet Yesterday, a friend and former colleague asked, “Where do most of your leads come from?” “Referrals,” I replied. While I knew that to be true, I also knew my sales pipeline and lead generation spreadsheet data needed to be revisited.  Like most small business owners, I can be remiss in keeping such metrics up to […]