Getting Fierce About Time Management

Tweet While I strongly believe in investing in professional relationships, I realize I cannot have coffee or lunch with everyone who suggests it.  While I understand the importance of networking, there’s no way I can attend all of the networking events where my target market (small businesses) hangs out.   I guess I’m not too different from any other small business […]

Defining a “Small Business Owner” and an “Entrepreneur”

Tweet Yesterday, Entrepreneur Magazine and @EntMagazineAmy asked via Twitter: What’s the difference between a “Small Business Owner” and an “Entrepreneur”? Here’s my take on the question: A Small Business Owner holds that management position because s/he bought an existing business or franchise, inherited a business, or started his/her own business. The Entrepreneur is a subset of […]

Business Lunching in Phoenix

Tweet Check out this article from the Phoenix Business Journal about El Charro and area restaurants for business lunches:

Favorite Bit of Mad Men Dialogue

Tweet I’m catching up on Mad Men from Netflix (no cable in my household, I like commercials too much) and I LOVE the conversation Don Draper has with “Connie” from Hilton.  I lifted Don’s lines from the site as follows (and inserted a summary of Connie’s actions where it seemed necessary, but from memory): “I’m Donald Draper.” […]

Re-Thinking the Business Plan

Tweet Bob Reiss’ article, “Write Your Business Plan in Pencil” from,  has some good points about when and how small businesses might approach business plan development.  Reiss advocates constructing a plan that will be flexible (hence the “in pencil” directive) but explains that “a detailed plan is only required if you want to raise money from a bank […]